Thursday, January 1, 2009

Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre Year In Review...


MY DISCLAIMER: I am a Packers Fan. So the following post can and probably will be filled with statements that may offend some people. Again I state that I am a Packers Fan, thus giving me the divine right to show my disgust and or disappointment with my team and any parties associated with the Green Bay Packers.

1. I have been hearing a lot of people say that Aaron Rodgers had a waaaayyy better year than Brett Favre. 2. I have also heard that the Green Bay Packers were a better team without Brett Favre. 3. Now I'm hearing Jet fans and players say that they didn't like Favre and talking (excuse my language) shit about him.

#1 Aaron Rodgers better than Favre???

Now if you are a fan that likes great statistical seasons but no wins, then go right ahead and crown Aaron Rodgers as King. I must admit that I gave Aaron a chance. I really didn't like how everything went down between Favre and the Packers. I think every true Packer fan would say that they would have wanted it to be a "cleaner" break up. But thats not what we got. So with me being an athlete I understood that he had an immense amount of pressure to play up to. I mean, if the guy missed a game he would be a failure to some people (which he did). Honestly he managed the game and did what he was supposed to do, and his stats show that, but there was something that he doesn't have yet that Favre did and that was the ability to make his teammates better. Aaron Rodgers, or A Rod as I like to call him, rarely had that killer instinct down the stretch to win games that made Brett Favre famous.

#2 Packers better without Favre????

We had an almost identical team from last year and we were a far cry from our 13-3 season last year. It seemed like I was the only one that saw that though. The team wasn't having fun, they didn't have a strong leader this year, and it showed on the field. Fun fact: Aaron Rodgers has most of his career under one the greatest quarterbacks in the game and takes over the same exact offense that Favre had and threw over 300 yards 4 times, where Favre did it 7 times. Anybody remember last year how the Packers won football games with no running game? It was Favre and the short passing game. Here is something people forget about too, Ryan Grant was good because defenses had to worry about Favre with the deep ball and the short passing game. That opened up running lanes for him and thats what made him good. With Aaron Rodgers, other teams knew he wasn't going to win a game for us. So they stacked the line and shut down Grant which took away our running game. When that happens its almost impossible to win in the NFL, unless you have someone who can throw the slant routes like a Brett Farve and tough enough to handle the blitz. So people can say all they want about the Packers being better without Favre, if you really watch the game you can see that it wasn't the case this year.

#3 Come On Jets stop crying!!!

Yes Brett Favre throws interceptions, you knew that when you signed him!!!! When the Jets were 8-3 they weren't saying anything at all about Brett Favre. But now all of a sudden because the Jets' pride is hurt because Pennington came back into New York and won with the 1-15 Dolphins to put them in the playoffs everybody thinks Favre should go??? Thomas Jones, a player who was 23 yards shy of topping his 1,335 yard season of 2005 is complaining??? All I have to say is WOW! He has a 13 touchdown season, which is the most in his career and he blames Favre? Well Mr. Jones, lets play reality check. First off, you wouldn't have had such a year without Favre at the helm. Just like Ryan Grant became a "star", Jones came back as one too. Believe it or not, teams gameplan to keep Brett Favre from beating them, so that opens doors for guys like Thomas Jones and Ryan Grant to "get their shine on." Now there are reports surfacing that Favre was playing with a injured bicep and Mr. Jones thinks he should have been benched. Well lets just say they did, you Mr. Jones would put all your money on Kellen Clemens???? I think not and if you did you wouldn't have the best year of your career since 362 yards and 4 TDs came when Favre should have been benched. But I guess you knew that right??? At the end of the day, an injured Favre is better than a lot of the quarterbacks in the league when they are healthy. And it sickens me to see people not appreciate what a player of his caliber does for his team.

In Conclusion, I love my Packers with all my heart, but I was so disappointed this year. Next year I hope that A Rod gets used to being the leader and gets my team back to where I need them to be, the top of the NFC North. Then next year I'll be posting how proud I am of Aaron and the Packers.

Brett Favre, even though some people hate you, I love you! And if you want to retire go right ahead. You will always have a spot on my intramural football team! I'm out and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

He Understands My P.O.V.!

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