Saturday, December 6, 2008

DJ OP and Cassidy - Return Of The Hustla Mixtape


Here's a Cassidy Mixtape that I've been feeling. With all this "Autotuning" going on, the thirst for a real rapper is kinda high right now, and this mixtape is my big glass of water. (Corny I Know!) I found out something that I didn't know happened at all; Cassidy is with Carmelo and Crossover Entertainment. This leaves him as a Independent Artist. Hopefully this is what needed to happen for the "Mixtape Cass" to be the one we hear most. But enjoy the music and support the artist!

Click Here

2 Bonus Tracks...
Cassidy - Misunderstood
Cassidy - Where Is Cass At??

Shout out to my man Tins doin' it big at Grade A Exclusives! A lot of my music comes from him first so check him out!

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