Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lebron Bringing out the "Chalk"


First off, Merry Christmas!!! Now, this is something I'm actually excited to see tonight. Lebron is bringing out a "Chalk" version of his Lebron VI against the Wizards. It's said to represent his throwing of the hand rosin ritual before games. The "Chalk" shoe is the ninth edition of James' Zoom LeBron VI line. Last month, he wore a "Big Apple" model of the shoe when the Cavs played in New York. The new shoe includes a silhouette of James' chalk toss on the tongue. Another fun thing about tonight is that Nike will provide packets of confetti for fans to throw along with "Bron Bron."

Lebron's Foundation is also in the holiday spirit. They are hosting 25 families at the game providing them with gifts and a pregame visit from the King himself.

SIDEBAR: I wonder how much these are going to be going for on Ebay???

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